Cloud web based College ERP System

The educational enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, TeqERP is a cloud-based automation college ERP system which manages the entire administration, college operations, and academic management in an efficiently.

This is essential to know that utilizing College ERP for automating your college does not need to be a confounded and costly process. Our TeqERP has incredible worth included all elements, you could be appreciating the uses and comfort of an "ERP" in a matter of seconds!

We have develop an integrated solution for the computerization of various academic institutions around the globe. Our cloud-based college ERP solutions are designed in PHP, MYSQL & Yii (3-tier MVC) framework.

Our TeqERP has 40+ modules and facilitate computerized process for student admission, transfer of educational certificates on completion of studies, teachers-parents collaboration, examinations, financial and administrative operations, attendance management, attendance and academic monitoring and many more. Starting from Engineering, Polytechnic, Management, Architecture, our solutions is proven fruitful in all kinds of academic institutions and they have admired our College ERP system application for user friendly, simplicity and compatibility.

Our integrated, easily configurable and dynamic TeqERP software ensures institutions get complete details & summarized information about administration & academic aspects.


Features of the College ERP system / software

  • Cloud web based fully integrated ERP solutions
  • Develop Technology – PHP,MYSQL,Yii
  • RFID smart cards enabled security
  • Inbuild Biomatrix
  • SMS Alerts
  • RFID enabled Library module
  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • E-enabled to teachers, parents, students, management, and alumni
  • Simple to implement and maintain free environment
  • Customizable

Admission & Fee Management

College Overview

  • Faculty details
  • Language picker
  • Detailed Fee types
  • Course details
  • Caste category

Computerized System

  • Online availability of Prospectus
  • Registration of students
  • Merit list Publish
  • Admissions
  • Collection Admission fee, Developmental fee, Examination fee
  • Cancellation of fee receipt
  • Admission cancellation

Reports Available

  • Fee Collection – Daily reports
  • Fee – Abstract Reports
  • Fee – Write off Reports
  • Bank collection Reports
  • Outstanding Fees Report
  • Receipt cancellation Report
  • Admission – Cancellation Report
  • Admission – Position wise Report

Student Administration

Computerized System

  • Student record creation
  • Roll number, registration number, Section, subjects and medium allotment
  • Updating Student dues and fines
  • Issuing certificates
  • Scholarship and various concessions activity
  • Communication with parents

Reports Available

  • Admission Report
  • General Report
  • Identity Card generation
  • Certificate generation
  • Scholarship Reports
  • Sanction Report
  • Disbursement Report
  • Award List
  • Abstract reports
  • Bill generation
  • User defined reports
  • MIS reports

Attendance & time Schedule management Computerized Process

College calendar

  • Timetable preparation
  • Period allotment to teachers & students
  • Daily attendance marking
  • Practical batch division

Reports Available

  • Attendance Reports
  • Faculty Analysis report
  • Letter, Email, SMS – Web based Communication
  • Low attendance alert

HR Management

  • Report of service
  • HR documents
  • Managing leave
  • Monthly salary / Pension slip
  • Supplementary bills
  • Calculation of income tax
  • Provident fund
  • DA Assess


  • Purchase requests
  • Purchase orders
  • Publishing statement generation
  • Vender recommendation
  • Receipt of goods
  • Acceptance, Verification of goods & receipt
  • Entering stocks & department were good issuing
  • Invoice generation
  • Web based bill transfer


  • Plans budget
  • Payment of fees
  • Cash books
  • Ledger heads
  • Cheque printing
  • Balance sheet
  • Final account heads
  • Receipt
  • Online payment
  • Online transfer of all bills
  • Bank balance
  • Expenditure statement

Administration Management

  • Online Complaint registration
  • Event Planner
  • Legal management
  • Storage of retrieval of data
  • Circulars
  • Notices
  • Register – inward / outward
  • Fleet management

Library management

  • Multi user library
  • Fully integrated
  • Verification of stock
  • Web based book purchase
  • Web based catalogue
  • Circulation & distribution
  • Claims & reservation
  • Fine alert
  • Reminders setup
  • MIS Report generation
  • Budget Analysis


  • Fully Integrated
  • Customizable
  • Password security
  • IP address authentication
  • Database security
  • Role based access
  • A Separate web application
  • Separate data server
  • Monitoring – automated
  • Transaction notification
  • Backup assured