Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms these days and there are numerous advantages associated with it. Not only can people use it personally for connecting with friends and family, but it has also turned out to be a handy tool for promoting and advertising a business.

One fact that,s known by every business owner is that marketing strategies of a business can have a huge impact on its growth and success. It is essential for business owners to promote their services if they wish to draw in customers. Here, Facebook can be extremely useful. While having a business page on Facebook is very similar to owning a website, there are some significant benefits that only Facebook can provide.

Add a Facebook 'Like' Box

I also recommend adding a Facebook "Like" box to your website. You can do so by going to Edit Page, Resources, Use Social Plugins and selecting Like Box. Fill in the fields and then click the Get Code button. After you copy the code and paste it into your company website, visitors can "Like" your Facebook page directly. Facebook's 'Social Plugins' section under 'Resources' has a number of useful tools for websites, too.

Target a Specific Niche

After you start to grow your Facebook fan base, you can target a specific demographic. This may be the group most likely to become your fans--or you might want to focus on growing your customer base in other ways. I'll discuss this topic further when I look at Facebook Insights.

Develop Relationships With Similar Businesses

If you develop relationships with similar businesses on Facebook, they may provide information and useful links, or even refer people to your business and help in promoting it.

For example, you can share their links on your site as they reciprocate by promoting your Facebook posts. If you cultivate strong relationships or have businesses that you recommend--such as a graphic designer who associates with your Web development firm--then you can add that party's Facebook page to the "favorites" list on your own page. You can easily put any other Facebook page on your list by scrolling to the bottom left and finding Add to My Page's Favorites.