Take Your Online Shop to Facebook and Watch as Sales Grow

Facebook is the most popular amongst all the social networking websites today. Those who have a Facebook shop are not only gaining ‘Likes’ on Facebook but are also able to sell their products really well.

In this day and age, social promotion has become as important as choosing the products to promote through e-commerce online shop. The promotion schedule must rely on achievable expectations. Offering an incentive to new supporters will encourage them to share the product with friends, thereby making the product even more popular.

Advantages of a Facebook Store

Facebook Stores

There are many advantages of taking your online shop to Facebook. Some of them include:

Sociability : The Facebook store offers complete scope of sociability. Followers can recommend the products to their friends, chat with you and keep a close watch on your daily activities, all at one place.

Mutuality : Facebook store engages the customers. While shopping they feel more involved with the brand being sold as the interaction is at eye-level.

Wide distribution : It is an undeniable fact that the number of people available on Facebook is much more than any other place on the web.

Build Your Facebook Store with TeqStudio

TeqStudio not only assists you in creating a user-friendly Facebook storefront, but also helps to keep up the promise of offering the best social e-commerce solutions. This becomes easy by taking the utmost advantage of the full-fledged Facebook ecosystem.

You can simply begin by selecting a template for the store that is most suitable for your needs. Then, you start adding the products you wish to sell along with the delivery options, colors and available sizes. It is entirely customizable. You can add and eliminate whatever you want to perfectly fit your choice.

You may even create an About Us page, a FAQ page and a Special Offer section where you can inform your followers and fans about special deals and offers. Our design is such that your clients will be able to manage all their purchases at Facebook itself.